Miss Emily Pothast on Wet Plate Collodion, by Dan Carrillo

I am usually attracted to installation and photography….somehow cinema seems to be the connection between the two, in my mind.  There is a history, a place, a time, a yearning and a power all in this face.  But again, there usually is in everyone, as Dan Carrillo is a master at conveying.  Look at his entire photostream….

Miss Emily Pothast on Flickr – Photo Sharing!.


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From his website…9I’ve been planning/dreaming/scheming to make a giant insane beard on my husband’s face, and this cloak is just really exciting, telling me to get busy.  smoke and fabric conflate. 21Again with the smoke.  Also really drawn to the spectrum of the root and the destruction in this.

24again, body as landscape, volcanic