Every body loves FFFFOUND….

…..I know I do.  FFFFOUND never fails to find me something new and familiar, that hits me in the gut.  Okay, we have mirror images, on skin, of roots….it’s like a check list of everything I’m thinking about, yet nothing like what I am thinking about.  What a lovely back…

FFFFOUND! | Aab3nliHFo947fu0YN1IS0t4o1_500.jpg (JPEG Image, 500×392 pixels).


Platonic Solids (more)

The material quality of these forms perplexes me….it reminds me of wet porcelain, which I used to use quite a bit.  I always loved it so much better than fired/glazed porcelain…  a time-based touch pleasure I could never figure out how to resolve…3491814779_2309664079

Platonic Solids.

Cara Barer “Blue Labyrinth”

cara_barer_blue_labyrinth_9485_58seen on Publicola

Cara Barer’s  Blue labyrinth reminds me of a basket sea star, who does it’s best to look like a dead plant when threatened.  But in it’s element, elevates itself to heavenly mass of chaotic tendrils.  I seem to be, lately and always, attracted to images that have a central deep vanishing abyss.  I could stare into the mouth of a sea star for a really long time, getting lost in the slow deep dark of a tiny eternity….

…what those black holes do to me…

basket star