“Haute Helping Hands” by Clarke Curtis

Aerial thoughts and findings: “Haute Helping Hands” by Clarke Curtis.


Ryden: Allegory of the Four Elements

I’ve been a busy little artist working on the drawings, plans and (gasp) technical drawings for a public commission at an Elementary school here in the Seattle area, Seatac (named for our airport, for real).  The installation is a cycle of hanging worlds, the four seasons overlaid with imagery of the four elements, overlaid with mythology of birds, trees and herbs.  It’s a tangled parfait of mythologies from around the world and throughout time, each a symbolic reference to guardians and protectors of children.  These four little girls of Mark Ryden‘s making seem to have that magical charm in spades.  I love this painting….I can’t wait to make my own little potion of protection for the 50 years of children that will see my work as they head to class…..

Sofia Arnold’s landscape bodies in dreams

Sofia Arnold seems to remind me of so many different artists, yet feels absolutely unique.  This one below brings “Harry, the Dirty Dog” to mind, the colors…

The people on the left might appear to be eating, but feel to me more like they are breathing out pockets of themselves

I’m really attracted to the creature swinging her legs over the cavern, which I first mistook for a river.  And then there is a girl island in a yellow dress.

More water that seems to be air…legs growing into roots….

Colette et cochon

I found this random picture on the internet.  We just got guinea pigs, so I just had to have it.  They are so sweet, such strange rodents.  I am fascinated as well as experience animal love, and have since I was a small child.  My cats were my intimate confidants; I told them my true emotions when no one else in my family would deal with them.  The Animal Wife or Husband has long been a theme or undercurrent in my work, and continues to be mythology I seek out (like the selki).  I have black guinea pigs, which apparently are used by healers in the Andes to discover illnesses, by rubbing them against the body of the ailing.  I’ll try it sometime….

Guinea pigs also have a unique history tied up in the colonization of the  Americas.  In German, their name translates to ‘little sea pig’ because these sweet little eaters came off the ships in crates.  Apparently Queen Elizabeth has one she carried around…

SEXY PEOPLE: Colette et cochon.

Gaia: Taming Nature

I adore wheat paste.  I build most of my sculptures out of it, and office paper and some metal/wood armature.  I love the feel of  it….

I don’t even know how I found this little film, bouncing around the nets as I do.  It reminded me of these amazing postered wolfs that I’ve seen around Seattle, (under the West Seattle bridge, now painted over but still looking like ghosts).

It’s funny, I just put this in my “eco art” category and tagged in with “fiber in the environment”, which is probably outside of the way this kind of street art is usually viewed.  But to me, it fits…

Or even “community-based public art”.  labels, labels, labels…

YouTube – Gaia: Taming Nature.