Donato Giancola – The Golden Rose

Donato Giancola – The Golden Rose.


Savage Beauty, dear McQ

The Savage Beauty images all over the webs are as welcome as a sunbeam (I live in the Northwest).  Follow the link to Abigail Doan’s review….

e c c o * e c o: Savage Beauty & Sustainability.

Sofia Arnold’s landscape bodies in dreams

Sofia Arnold seems to remind me of so many different artists, yet feels absolutely unique.  This one below brings “Harry, the Dirty Dog” to mind, the colors…

The people on the left might appear to be eating, but feel to me more like they are breathing out pockets of themselves

I’m really attracted to the creature swinging her legs over the cavern, which I first mistook for a river.  And then there is a girl island in a yellow dress.

More water that seems to be air…legs growing into roots….