Sofia Arnold’s landscape bodies in dreams

Sofia Arnold seems to remind me of so many different artists, yet feels absolutely unique.  This one below brings “Harry, the Dirty Dog” to mind, the colors…

The people on the left might appear to be eating, but feel to me more like they are breathing out pockets of themselves

I’m really attracted to the creature swinging her legs over the cavern, which I first mistook for a river.  And then there is a girl island in a yellow dress.

More water that seems to be air…legs growing into roots….


Erik Fortune at Roc La Rue Gallery

7379f101405d5630e8ecba003d9252d0I saw these last night at Roc La Rue. Erik Fortune. As Kirsten Anderson and I seemed to say in unison, looking at the folds in these paintings is like getting a massage to the brain.  I love how the hair is in unison with the environment, swirling like it’s the same material, every bit of life and matter made of a delicate quality of silk or pastry dough.  The dark lady in the water seems to have a mini-landscape on her shoulders, which seems to be something I’m obsessed with at the moment, the body becoming landscape or city scape.  More please.  And the tree, texture is like deep folds on the inside of the body, or like muddy gilded baroque frames.